Guessing at Christmas time

Christmas time is a mysterious period between Christmas and Epiphany, as well as on all church holidays, during which divination occurred. These days were considered the best times to know your future.

The ancients believed that these days the heavens open up, and information from other worlds becomes available to people and knowledgeable people have access to this source.

Nowadays, Christmas-time divinations are very popular. Clairvoyant Hope, which is a hereditary fortune-teller, who received her gift from her grandmother, will give the most truthful answers to your questions:

  • How soon marriage will take place.
  • How the financial side will develop.
  • When you meet your half.

Despite the fact that the period between Christmas and Epiphany is the most successful for obtaining the most reliable information about the future, it is also considered the most dangerous. Therefore, you should not engage in self-divination yourself, but rather seek help from an experienced fortune-teller Nadezhda, who has the necessary knowledge, and will conduct divination in compliance with all rules. In these holidays, the most successful will be divination:

  • Tarot cards.
  • On the runes.
  • Coffee grounds.
  • According to the book of change.
  • On wax.
  • By photo.
  • By the arm.
  • On the mirrors.
  • In the shadows.

To avoid mixing of energy fields, divination to the Christmas eve is necessary for only one person, only in this case you can get the most truthful information about your future. You can not go divination under duress, it should be performed only on a voluntary basis.

Before the very beginning of the process, one should concentrate, clearly formulate the question and keep it in mind during the entire period of performing the magic ritual. Possessing vast experience and sacred knowledge, Hope will give true predictions, will help with advice.