Divination by date of birth

One of the unusual and rare ways of card divination is divination by date of birth (the number of fate). It is directly related to such a science as numerology. It is these numbers, which are assigned to each of us at the moment of birth and constitute the semantic code of fate, that determine the behavior of a person, especially his character. The number of fate can help, or vice versa, to create obstacles in the way of life. Knowing it, one can fairly accurately characterize each person, determine his compatibility with others, find out the past.

Hereditary fortune teller Hope by date of birth will conduct divination:

  • For the future. It will let you know what awaits everyone wondering in a few years what period will be favorable for starting new affairs, and when it is not worth the risk to avoid numerous problems.
  • On relationships, love, compatibility. With the help of cards, knowing the dates of birth of two people, Nadezhda will predict the problems of a couple who are waiting, how relations between partners will develop, and what this will lead to in the end. Card fortune telling on relationships will reveal the main character traits of each of the partners.
  • Establish a date favorable for the conclusion of a marriage union. An experienced clairvoyant, using cards, will choose the most suitable year to create a new family.
  • On the number of children and their date of birth.

Carrying out this type of divination, clairvoyant will analyze the events that will happen to you in the future, help interpret the present, so you can learn about what to expect further from life, what to fear and what to prepare in advance.

If you do not have the opportunity to personally visit a fortune teller, you can contact Nadezhda on Skype to perform fortune telling by date of birth, because the clairvoyant assists everyone who needs it, regardless of where you live.