What is spoilage? This is an aggressive negative impact on a person, the result of which can be a series of failures haunting in life or a serious illness that is not amenable to traditional methods of treatment.

How damage affects people

The destructive program, which is the basis of damage, can break the life of not only the person to whom it is directly sent, but also people from his close circle. Damage causes great harm to both the physical and mental bodies of its carrier. Affects every aspect of his life. As a result – endless problems at work, serious discord in the family, frequent illnesses of children. And no matter how hard a person tries, he can’t find a single logical explanation for the events happening to him.

The main difference between damage from the evil eye, is that the evil eye can be induced by a person unconsciously, and damage is a premeditated, planned action. Damage is most often done by magicians working with dark forces. Accordingly, a person who knows, endowed with abilities from above, should deal with getting rid of it. Do not try to remove the damage yourself, thereby you can further aggravate your already unenviable fate.

Damage protection

Combating dark forces and eliminating the consequences of their impact is a very laborious and energy-intensive process. Clairvoyant Nadezhda Andreevna will help you regain your health, improve your professional life and relationships with your close people.

But, just like any disease, damage is better to prevent than to subsequently heal. A hereditary healer can protect you and your family from the devastating effects sent by ill-wishers. Amulets, charms, and conspiracies for you and for those you love will be a reliable shield from the unkind words and intentions of your enemies.