Wax pouring

Since ancient times, people used wax to guess, speak, lift the curtain of the future, and also get rid of the evil eye, damage and other witchcraft magic. This ancient ritual has been preserved to this day.

Clairvoyant and healer Nadezhda, who received her knowledge of the heirs from her grandmother, has the skills of pouring out wax, since she is dedicated to the secrets of this substance. During the ritual, besides wax, water is also used, which, possessing vital force, is capable of not only absorbing all the negative, but also purifying. This method allows not only to guess the future, but also to get rid of various diseases.

Using the wax casting method, the hereditary healer Hope will assist in cases:

  • It is necessary to save a young child from stuttering, enuresis or fears.
  • Remove damage and the evil eye (restore healthy energy).

In addition to bodily healing, wax has the power to heal the soul. But if problems arise, you should not do the healing yourself, it is better to turn to the healer Nadezhda, who knows not only the basic rules for proper casting, but also helps to correctly decipher the signs to obtain true and accurate information, remove the negative impact, and put up a powerful defense.

Many are wondering when to contact a healer? The answer is simple – if you are haunted by a series of failures, life is bursting at the seams, new problems appear every day at work, in a family, and it brings health.

The healer assists all those who suffer. Even if you do not have the opportunity for a personal visit to a clairvoyant, this service can be provided online using Skype. No need to wait that everything will be adjusted by itself or they are afraid, because the basic principle of the healer is that everything she does is done only for the good.