Now I am writing a review and my eyes are filled with tears. Tears of happiness and gratitude. Not long ago, before I addressed Nadezhda, I could not live peacefully, because my sister was diagnosed with a terrible disorder – alcoholism.  All my life we ​​were so close that I could not even imagine that such trouble would come to our house. My sister is a good, hard-working person, but problems in the family led to her alcoholism. At first she scoffed that she needed those 100 grams to smooth the bitterness of her soul. But after 3 months, 100 grams changed to 500 grams every day. We visited all the city clinics that specialize in such a problem as alcoholism. In some clinics they did not want to provide treatment to my sister, in others they announced huge sums of money for their services, which we simply do not have. In desperation, I turned to Nadezhda. Having told the situation, she gave me hope. And since my Anya (sister) did not recognize her problems, Nadezhda was forced to work at a distance only with her photograph. And a real miracle happened! Anya started to change before our eyes, started to look better, and after 3 weeks she said that she was completely turned away from alcohol. Thank you so much, Nadezhda, for what you are doing. For your gift and your help!

Sincerely , Olga Belozerova, Kozelets village, Chernihiv region

My current husband and I have been living together for 2 years, and then we had a wedding. We were the happiest couple and dreamed of a son. After a year and a half, we had a child, everything was perfect. My husband was helping, supporting and was always there for me. But one day he began to work longer hours, disappear somewhere at night, and then he said that he was leaving me for another woman. For me, with a small child in my arms, it was a tremendous shock and stress. I could not recover for a long time. I tried to forget him, but then pulled myself together and decided that I didn’t want to let go of my happiness. I addressed Nadezhda in order to understand the situation. As I guessed, the reason was a love spell. I was sure that that was the problem, because a man cannot leave the family he dreamed of! Nadezhda performed 4 sessions of the ritual, told me what rituals I need to perform at home on my own. A month later, my husband returned. I do not blame him and do not take offense, because he is not guilty. I only have to sincerely thank the clairvoyant for the fact that she helped me regain my happiness.

Sincerely , Irina Kuznetsova, Odessa

My medical history lasted for 6 years until I addressed clairvoyant Nadezhda. From the age of 20 I have been treated on women’s issues, after a long treatment I was given a crushing diagnosis of infertility. My husband and I did not give up, constantly trying to get pregnant naturally, but after 3 years of vain attempts decided on IVF. Before this, we went to Israel, but even this did not help. Dreaming about a child, we addressed Nadezhda. I read about her in one of the “mommy” forums, where several mothers talked about their situation and how this clairvoyant helped them. We met Nadezhda twice, she performed rituals with me and my husband. After 2 months, the test showed the coveted two strips! Now our daughter is 3 months old and we could not be happier, because Nadezhda gave us the most sacred thing that can be in this life. Thank you so much!

Sincerely , Katya and Vova Tulovyi, Kiev

My child has become dependent on hospitals. He was constantly ill – only one thing was treated, as in 3-5 days the child caught some other illness. Constant high temperature, complaints of pain, naughtiness, sleepless nights and a lot of money on doctors, tests and medications. I was lucky to find out about Nadezhda. I immediately addressed her with a child. Nadezhda looked at it, diagnosed and said that the child was jinxed. Not trying to hurt, but because of the grandmother’s strong love for him. After the first session, the baby began to feel better. After the second, the current illness disappeared. 4 months have passed since the last session. During this time, the child feels good and does not get sick. I am grateful for your invaluable help!

Sincerely , Maria Somova, Nikolaev

I want to say thank you very much for your help. You not only helped me to make my business work, but also to return mutual understanding in relationships with the family, which was lost because of the eternal scandals against the background of lack of money. I regret that I could not meet you personally because I live in another city, but I am truly glad that among the huge number of “charlatans” there are people who really help. Bless you!

Sincerely , Evgeny Sinitsyn

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